How to load programs in the CpcAlive emulator with the Windows XP copy/paste function.

1-Launch the emulator and come back on this page with [Alt][Tab] sequence.
2-Select the program below with mouse.

    10 MODE 0:BORDER 0:PAPER 0:INK 0,0
    15 FOR i=0 to 5000
    20 x=RND*640:y=RND*400:z=RND*15
    30 DRAW x,y,z
    40 NEXT:CALL 0

3-Click on the mouse right button and select "copy"
4-Click with the mouse right button on the clipboard CpcAlive icon.
5-Select "Modify","Paste"
6-Go back to CpcAlive.

Note: The speed of the emulator must be regulated on fast speed (speed by defect).